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Commercial Food Concession Trailers

Building Success

  • Are you attempting to get into larger fairs and events?

  • Are you jockeying for better locations at your current events?

  • Would you like to be more competitive and attract additional sales?

How can you take your concession business to the next level?  Whether it is opening the door to new fairs, or moving to “A” locations within your current events, a key component is a trailer that concession managers want to feature at their event.  One that makes them makes them look good.  One that attracts customers and brings in the sales.

For the concession owner, in addition to a great appearance, is a trailer that is efficient and easy to operate.  One that is capable of volume production and sales when the business is there to be gotten.

The final key is a trailer built to commercial standards and codes, with materials selected to withstand the rigors of volume production and continuous cleaning.

Century can help you reach your dream with a food trailer that is custom designed and built specifically to produce and showcase your products.

Helping You Build Your Dream



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