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Mobile Stages

Mobile Staging Solutions

Push-Button Performance

Do you frequently receive last-minute requests for outdoor staging?

Do you need more manpower to handle your staging commitments?

Are you facing a growing demand for outdoor event staging?

Traditional outdoor staging can be time and labor intensive, making it challenging for you to meet all of your event staging commitments.  In addition you are frequently working with a tight time window between access to the site and the start of the event.

Century’s mobile staging solutions simplify and expedite stage set up with hydraulically operated stages offering push-button setup.  And because event staging requirements vary, you have a choice of stage models, features, and sizes, allowing you to select the best fit for your needs.  Optional features allow custom tailoring of the stages to meet individual requirements.

Attractive, professional appearance, superior sound, and simplified set up make these stages key elements for successful events.

ShowMaster Mobile Stages

ShowMaster Mobile

Community Stages

ShowMaster community stages are versatile, all round performers.  Ideal for showcasing community events, ShowMaster mobile stages can accommodate events ranging from simple dedications to concert productions.  ShowMaster mobile stages feature a professional appearance combined with rugged construction.  Set up is easy, push-button, hydraulically powered operation.  A choice of sizes and features allow tailoring of the stage to fit your community’s outdoor staging needs.

FrontRow Mobile Concert Stages

FrontRow Mobile

Concert Stages

FrontRow mobile stages offer larger stage deck sizes with full canopy coverage to fill the requirements for outdoor concerts.  FrontRow stages are built to accept standard professional lighting and sound systems, simplifying the set up and production of more elaborate events.  A unique hydraulically powered operating system with push-button operation makes set up fast and easy.  A choice of stage sizes and optional features provides the capacity and capability you want.

MPP-Performance_Platform Mobile Stage

Performance Platform

Elevated Stages

Platform mobile stages provide elevated outdoor staging with fast, simple set up.  A galvanized steel frame with aluminum stage deck give these stages rugged all-weather durability.  Push-button hydraulic operation takes the work out of set up.  Platform mobile stages are available in a choice of stage deck sizes.

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