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Performance PLATFORM

Elevated Mobile Staging

Event Staging

Provide outdoor elevated staging throughout your community with a mobile Century Performance Platform Stage.  Instead of building and maintaining permanent stages at each of your event sites, Century's highway mobile platform stages offer the ease and flexibility of providing a weather-resistant, professional stage where ever needed throughout your community.

Flexibility & Versatility

Mobile Performance Platforms offer elevated outdoor staging with quick, hydraulically powered, one-person setup. Outdoor, all-weather components are used throughout. Platform may be setup as 24 foot deep stage or 15 foot deep stage with 8-1/2 foot high back drop. When folded for road transport, the Platform Stage can be used to transport supporting stairs, tables, chairs, and equipment.

In addition to accommodating a variety of outdoor events, when outfitted with seating, Century Mobile Platform Stages are ideal elevated focal points for parade review stands, and commencement and change of command ceremonies.

MPP Mobile Stage - Ceremony
Rugged Construction

Mobile Performance Platforms are built to withstand the demands of outdoor events, Platform Stages are constructed with weather-resistant materials and components including a galvanized steel frame and deck support trusses, aluminum stage deck surface, aluminum perimeter rail, and aluminum guard rails.  Assembly hardware is galvanized or plated.  A mechanical compartment encloses and secures the hydraulic actuation system.  All designed to provide years of dependable service.

MPP Platform Mobile Stage
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