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About Century

Century was founded in 1978 with the goal of delivering more efficient and easier solutions for outdoor events.  In 1978, the US was in the middle of a recession, and budgets were tight, however, the public still expected events to go on even when the money was not there to support them.

An additional challenge was in providing event services throughout a wide-ranging community.  The cost of planning, building, and maintaining event facilities throughout an entire community is often prohibitive, especially when these facilities sit idle the majority of the time.

Century was formed to design and build key components for outdoor events that could be quickly relocated as required by events, and thus make better use of available resources.  The functions initially addressed were as follows:

Staging – the focal point of a show or performance.  Professional and attractive elevated staging that is easy and quick to setup, that can accommodate a wide range of activities from simple dedications to elaborate concerts.  Staging that offers protection for the performers and associated equipment, and constructed such that they can hold up to year-round weather.

Mobile stages replace the need to build and maintain staging at remote sites throughout a community.  In addition, mobile stages allow the use of multi-purpose sites (including streets and parking lots), as they offer quick move in along with a quick return of the site to other purposes as soon as the event has ended.  With mobile staging, you take the event to the people instead of the people to the event.

Spectator Seating – standard bleacher seating is underutilized.  It sits idle the majority of the time, still needing periodic maintenance, and subject to vandalism.  Much outdoor seating is dedicated to sports programs, where it is in the wrong location much of the year.  “Portable” bleachers provide a marginal solution as they suffer bent, broken, or missing pieces as they are dragged around or push off the back of a flatbed truck or trailer, not to mention workman’s comp claims from manhandling bleacher sections.

Mobile spectator seating offers increased utilization, fast one-person setup, is easily relocated with the changing sports seasons, and can be used to support special events.  Fully highway mobile, they can be relocated anywhere throughout a community.

Snack Foods – Anytime you have an outdoor event with a crowd, a professional food operation is a welcome addition.  In fact for many events, food concessions are a key component for their success.  Century food trailers feature customer and operator-friendly designs, built from materials that are easy to keep clean and looking great along with being health and fire code compliant.

Mobile facilities help build your events and programs with support facilities offering:

  • Greater facility utilization

  • Increased programming flexibility

  • Reduced labor and time

  • Event facilities where you need them, when you need them

  • Takes your event to the people


From the initial concepts, the product lines have been expanded and updated to keep pace with changing codes and operational demands.  Century’s core concept remains intact and on track - Go Mobile to make optimum use of your resources – your crews, time, facilities, and outdoor sites.

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