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Food Trailer Construction

For Professional Concessionaires

Built to Last

Aluminum Body - Century food trailers are constructed from marine alloy aluminum for maximum corrosion resistance under demanding operational conditions including daily washing.  Walls, ceiling, and floor are all aluminum, with no wood used.  This provides you with non-porous, non-flammable surfaces that easily meet heath and fire codes.

Added plus - an all-aluminum body is inherently lighter in weight than other body materials, with the result that it can be towed by a smaller tow vehicle burning less fuel, and often without the need for a CDL license.

Cleaning & Convenience

Welded Construction - In addition to rugged durability, welded construction produces a smooth, easily cleaned body, free of rivets and screws.

Flat Floor - Century's flat interior floor eliminates the cleaning problems associated with conventional drop-floors.  No clean-out port is required.  And trailer entry and access is improved as there is no need to step up and then down into the trailer with an arm load of supplies.

​Trackless Serving Window Panels - Rolling, top-hung window panels eliminate dirt attracting lower window tracks.  The entire sales counter can be used with the elimination of the drink cup tripping lower window track.

Trackless Cabinet Doors - Overhead and under counter cabinet doors are hinged, eliminating the grease, flour, and sugar attracting tracks that must be kept clean to keep the doors sliding.

Stainless Steel Counters - Sales and prep counters are formed 14 ga. stainless steel.  No wood backing is required.  No laminate to chip, burn or delaminate.  The counters will last the life of the trailer under regular daily use.

Suspension Selection

Tandem Axle - Suspensions are available in a choice of fixed-height rubber-ride or air-ride retractable.

In addition to lowering the trailer for ground-level operation, the air-ride suspension offers the smoothest ride and maximum protection for your equipment.  By eliminating the pounding from towing on rough roads, everything has a longer life.

Soft Serve Concession Trailer

Rugged Construction

Welded Body Construction - The following photos illustrate the progression of food concession trailer through the fabrication and equipment installation process.

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