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ShowMaster MSM Mobile Community Stages

What's Included

Each ShowMaster Mobile Concert Stage is equipped with the following:

  • One-person push-button setup

  • Self-contained electric/hydraulic operation system

  • Locking, easily accessible mechanical compartment

  • Angled roof canopy

  • Roof canopy extends beyond stage deck

  • Canopy mounted LED stage lighting

  • Backup canopy safety up-lock

  • Same length folding and fixed stage decks

  • Standard stage deck depth – 14ft

  • Rugged FRP weather resistant roof and wall panels

  • Weather resistant, cool gray, sound dampened stage deck

  • Fast-level fold-out deck truss

  • Enclosed-riser ADA stairs with handrails

  • Rugged equalizer suspension

  • Dual 18” steel beam frame

  • Corner leveling jacks pivot for extra ground clearance

  • Mid-frame jacks for extra support on soft surfaces

  • Electric system with 125 amp breaker panel

  • Canopy closes quickly for weather or security

All stages are engineered and independently certified for structural integrity, safety and compliance with IBC codes.

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