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Mobile Bleachers & Grandstands

What's Included

  • Seat Rows – choice of 7, 8, 10, 12 or 15 seat rows

  • Row Spacing – standard 24 inch center to center, 8 inch rise - comfortable spacing with consistent slope for code requirements

  • Footboards - one-piece extra-width aluminum planks

  • Enclosed Risers - aluminum enclosure panels

  • Center Aisle - provides easier spectator access to seat rows

  • Guardrails – steel or optional rounded aluminum with vertical balustrades, automatically fold with bleacher

  • Hydraulic Actuation - self-contained system providing fast, effortless,  one-person, push-button operation

  • Mechanical Compartment - enclosed compartment contains hydraulic and battery systems

  • Towing Coupler - standard pintle ring with removable tongue (optional ball and gooseneck couplers available)

  • Pivoting Leveling/Support Jacks - multiple frame-mounted leveling support jacks permit bleacher use on soft surfaces, jacks pivot for maximum ground clearance, preventing damage during towing

  • IBC Code Requirements - all models equipped to meet IBC2009 code requirements.  (Contact us for special pricing if not required)

Mobile Bleacher Standard Models

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TSP10 10-Row Mobile Bleachers

Seating Rows - 10

Seating Capacity - 156 to 300

A popular selection for organizations needing versatile, all-round spectator seating for a variety of events

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TSP8 Eight Row Mobile Bleachers

Seating Rows - 8

Seating Capacity - 147 to 219

Compact outdoor bleachers featuring increased maneuverability and reduced tow weight.

Mobile Grandstand Models

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TSP15 15-Row Mobile Grandstands

Seating Rows - 15

Seating Capacity - 352 to 450

High capacity grandstand seating offering more seats per frontage foot, and increased viewing visibility.

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TSP12E 12-Row Elevated Grandstand

Seating Rows - 12

Seating Capacity - 282 to 360

Grandstand seating offering extra visibility for event viewing.  Includes built-in front aluminum walkway with rails and entry stairs.

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TSP7E 7-Row Elevated Grandstand

Seating Rows - 7

Seating Capacity - 110 to 210

High capacity grandstand seating offering more seats per frontage foot, and increased viewing visibility.

Premium Mobile Seating

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TSP8VIP 8-Row Premium Seating

Seating Rows - 8

Seating Capacity - 123 to 219

The seating solution for events requiring deluxe seating and conveniences.  Seating consists of individual, weather-resistant molded seats.  Seats have spring loaded bottoms that expedite seat access and do not collect water.

Team Stand Portable Seating

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Mobile Seating


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