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TSP8 Mobile Bleacher

What's Included

Each TSP8 Mobile Bleacher features the following:

  • 8 Rows high

  • One person push-button setup – built in hydraulic actuator

  • 24” Seat row spacing for increased comfort

  • Rounded aluminum guardrails for comfort, attached to bleacher structure for automatic set up and positioning

  • Full length seat and footboards without gaps

  • Extra-width one-piece footboards

  • Enclosed risers - standard

  • Aisle with ADA handrails - standard

  • Uniform slope for increased safety and codes

  • Concealed hinge points

  • Self-Stowing over center design

  • Multiple frame mounted support jacks permit bleacher operation on soft surfaces.

  • Jacks pivot 90 degrees to prevent damage during towing, reduce cranking, and increase adjustment travel for unlevel or uneven terrain.

  • Reduced towing weight, reduced site impact

  • Rugged rubber-ride suspension

  • Highway rated tires, electric brakes

  • DOT highway lighting

  • Outdoor weather-resistant construction

  • IBC2018 code compliance standard

For additional spectator comfort, the TSP8 Mobile Bleacher is available with an optional weather canopy.  Canopy folds and travels with the bleacher.  Setup does not require ladders or cranes.  Contact Century for more details.

Download TSP8

Mobile Bleacher


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