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FrontRow FR4100 Mobile Bandstand Stages

Simplify Your Staging


FrontRow 4100 mobile Bandstand stages showcase your events with a contemporary professional appearance that makes you, your performers, and your sponsors look fantastic.  Column-free front stage corners provide open audience sightlines.  Canopy trusses with 2” tubes accommodate standard equipment connectors, adapting the stage for day or nighttime events.


Unlike hard-top roof canopies, the FrontRow 4100 mobile Bandstand stages seamless, soft canopy cover absorbs rather than reflecting sounds, providing clean, distorted sound, simplifying the job of your sound technicians.

  • Spectacular Appearance

  • Superior Sound

  • Simplified Push-Button Setup

  • Exceptional Maneuverability

  • Weather Safety


FrontRow 4100 mobile Bandstand stages provide fast, effortless, push-button stage operation, simplifying stage setup.  An electrically powered hydraulic actuation system does the heavy lifting, reducing the time required and needed manpower, while enhancing safety.  Dynamic Lifting allows lighting, equipment and banners to be installed and adjusted at ground level, and then powered into position.

2022 FR4100 Bandstand Mobile Stage
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Reduced weight plus compact towing dimensions allow access to confined event sites. The single axle suspension permits tight turns without site or trailer damage.


FrontRow 4100 mobile Bandstand stages are engineered and independently certified to meet IBC 2015 code requirements.  In the event of sudden severe weather, the stage canopy can be quickly lowered to shelter equipment and instruments while significantly increasing the stage’s ability to withstand wind gusts.  

FrontRow Mobile Stage Towing
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