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FrontRow FR4100 Mobile Bandstands

Choice of FrontRow FR4100 Mobile Bandstand Stage Sizes

What's Included

Each FrontRow Mobile Concert Stage is equipped with the following:

  • Push-button stage set-up

  • Stage canopy opens and raises in one operation

  • Self-contained electric/hydraulic actuation system

  • 16ft stage deck depth

  • Angled roof canopy controls precipitation run-off

  • Sealed canopy hinge lines

  • Sound absorbing roof canopy

  • Standard 2” OD lighting and equipment mounting pipe

  • Canopy extends beyond stage deck on front and sides

  • No visibility blocking front corner columns

  • Sound dampened stage deck with renewable gray coating

  • Concealed stage deck hinges (no loose filler strips needed)

  • Aluminum deck support truss with leveling jacks

  • Electrical system

  • LED setup/work lighting

  • Heavy-duty suspension with electric brakes

  • Fold-away towing tongue

  • Engineered to IBC codes

  • Quick stage closing for severe weather safety

All stages are engineered and independently certified for structural integrity, safety and compliance with IBC codes.

Since no two communities or events are the same, with identical requirements, numerous optional features are available to custom tailor your stage to meet your individual needs.  Contact us to help assemble a stage package designed specifically for you.


Weather Ready Features

A strong summertime thunderstorm can produce sudden gust-winds of 65+ mph with little advance warning.  FrontRow mobile stages allow you to ride out these potentially damaging winds using an effective two-prong approach.

First - FrontRow stages are engineered with a robust structure designed to withstand high wind loads.  FrontRow stages are designed to support sound and lighting equipment loads, plus wind loads.

Second - FrontRow stage roof canopies are designed to be quickly lowered when severe weather approaches.  By eliminating the front stage corner support columns typical of other mobile stages and using the hydraulically operated canopy system, the roof canopy can be lowered in under five minutes, significantly reducing the stage’s exposure to extreme wind loads.  This action significantly increases the stage’s wind resistance capability, while simultaneously sheltering and shielding stage equipment and instruments from wind and rain.

Download FrontRow 4100

Mobile Stage


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