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FrontRow FR4500 Mobile Concert Stages

Contributing to Your Success

  • Spectacular Appearance

  • Superior Sound

  • Simplified Push-Button Setup

  • Safety

Advanced Style

FrontRow 4500 mobile stages address the challenges of outdoor events with an attractive, professional appearance that makes them the stage preferred by event organizers.  Column-free front corners and “open doorway” canopy supports provide open audience/performer sightlines for unobstructed viewing that showcases performances.

"this is the stage my clients request for their next event"


FrontRow 4500 mobile stages are engineered and independently certified to meet IBC 2015 code requirements.  In the event of sudden severe weather, the stage canopy can be quickly lowered to shelter equipment and instruments while significantly increasing the stage’s ability to withstand wind gusts.  

Simplified Stage

FrontRow 4500 stages are favored by stage crews for their unique XTEND operation system that simultaneously opens and raises the roof canopy while lowering the folding stage decks in one continuous motion.  This push-button, electro-hydraulic stage operation keeps stage set up fast and simple.  Swing out deck support trusses quickly level and align the folding decks.

Angled roof canopy is supported by aluminum trusses and rafters and features a permanent tensioned fabric roof covering that absorbs rather than reflecting sound, a system applauded by sound technicians.  Canopy trusses have a 2” OD bottom pipe that accepts standard lighting and equipment clamps.  Roof hinge lines are sealed to keep water off the stage deck.  Cable management raceways help to keep the stage performance area clear and uncluttered.  Canopy extends beyond the stage deck on all four sides for maximum stage and performer protection.

Powered stage operation permits dynamic lifting of sound and lighting equipment along with event banners, allowing them to be installed and adjusted at ground level, and then raised into position.

Stage decks are finished with a neutral gray renewable slip-resistant surface that does not overheat in the sun.  Stage decks have concealed hinges that do not require the installation of hinge line cover strips.

Custom Equipped

FrontRow 4500 mobile stages are available in a choice of stage lengths and with optional feature selections allowing custom tailoring  of the stage to meet your individual event requirements.

Stage Clipart - Wireless.jpg
Wireless Pushbutton
Stage Clipart - Time.jpg
Quick Setup
& Move Out
Stage Clipart - Sound-LA.jpg
Professional Sound
Stage Clipart - Lighting.jpg
Stage Lighting
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