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How Mobile Bleacher Seating
Transformed Outdoor Event Seating

Mobile bleachers revolutionized the ability to provide temporary spectator seating by devising a system where one driver with one truck could deliver and set up high capacity seating quickly and easily, anywhere throughout a community.  Traditionally this operation required a work crew multiple days of assembly to accomplish.  A key feature of these fully assembled bleachers is the self-contained, push-button, hydraulically-actuated system that accomplishes the bleacher’s opening and closing.


Today’s versions of Century TranSport Mobile Bleachers embody the latest refinements of an outdoor mobile bleacher system that began in 1980, with the idea of efficiently providing temporary spectator seating, making better use of resources while also offering time and labor savings.  Mobile seating evolved during a time when budgets were under attack, when the money available for new facilities and additional personnel was being slashed.  Despite reduced budgets, departments and organizations were still expected to provide the same or even more services. 

Obviously challenging times called for new, innovative solutions, as the traditional way of doing things was under siege, and no longer financially viable.  One area in need of improvement was spectator seating for sports and special events.  With mobile bleachers, seating that typically sat idle for the majority of the year could be quickly relocated throughout a community to active sites where it was needed.  Special events no longer required multi-person crews spending a week or two in preparation.  Large, once a year events could be easily and efficiently supported.  Key features being the ability to travel on public roads and highways, and fast, push-button powered setup.

While the primary goals for mobile bleachers have remained consistent from their conception, current fifth-generation models deliver evolutionary design refinements introduced by code changes and owner/operator suggestions.  Features that were at one time optional, are now incorporated as standard.

In addition to design refinements, TranSport mobile bleachers are now available in more configurations, sizes, and capacities, allowing selection of models with the features that meet the specific needs of the operator.


What’s New?

Following a multi-year engineering diet regiment, carefully maximizing structural efficiency along with with strategic use of materials, the towing weight of most models has been reduced.  Obvious user benefits are the ability to transport the bleachers using smaller tow vehicles consuming less fuel along with reduced impact on softer surfaces.

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