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Century FrontRow 4500 Series
Outdoor Concert Mobile Stages

Century's 4500 series of FrontRow Concert Mobile Stages are available in a choice of stage deck sizes, allowing you to match your event requirements to the optimum stage size.

All stage sizes feature the same quick set up time and low personnel requirement.
While ranging in deck lengths from 24 to 40 feet, all FrontRow 4500 Mobile Stages offer the same deck and canopy depths and heights.

Model FR4524 FR4532 FR4540  
  Stage Deck Length 24 ft (7.32m) 32 ft (9.75m) 40 ft (12.19m)  
  Stage Deck Depth 23.8 ft (7.21m) 23.8 ft (7.21m) 23.8 ft (7.21m)  
  Stage Deck Height (Maximum) 61 in (1.56m) 61 in (1.56m) 61 in (1.56m)  
  Main Canopy Length 26.9 ft (8.14m) 34.9 ft (10.64m) 42.9 ft (13.08m)  
  Overall Canopy Length (with optional flybays) 44.2 ft (13.36m) 52.2 ft (15.91m) 60.2 ft (18.35m)  
  Canopy Trim Height - Front 15 ft (4.57m) 15 ft (4.57m) 15 ft (4.57m)  
  Canopy Trim Height - Rear 14 ft (4.27m) 14 ft (4.27m) 14 ft (4.27m)  
  Canopy Support Columns Inside Dimension 24 ft (7.32m) 32 ft (9.75m) 40 ft (12.19m)  
  Total Canopy Load Capacity 4000 lbs 4000 lbs 2800 lbs  
  Optional Speaker Fly Capacity (each) 1000 lbs 1000 lbs 800 lbs  
  Base Price - Standard Features $94,255 $118,327 $142,399  

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Patent US8,978,311 B1
Specifications subject to change without notice.