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Mobile vs Portable & Fixed Bleachers

The distinguishing characteristic of mobile bleaches is that they are designed to be moved. Across a field or across a community, with mobile grandstands you can provide code-compliant spectator seating:
  • Quickly and easily (no assembly required)
  • With no broken, damaged, or missing components
  • No worker comp claims incurred
  • No off-season vandalism
And once an event has ended, mobile bleachers allow the site to be returned to its original state, available for alternate uses, leaving the site clear with nothing to mow around, and nothing to vandalize.

Typical Applications

Get more “multi” from your multi-purpose facilities with spectator seating that is easily reconfigured throughout the year as sports and events transition through their season changes. Some typical applications for mobile grandstand seating include:
  • Sports Fields
  • Tournaments
  • Change of Command
  • Parades
  • Fairgrounds – rodeo, judging, performances
  • Motorsport Tracks
  • Stadiums – supplemental seating
  • Air Shows
  • Concerts
Schools & Universities
  • Sports Fields – home and/or visitor seating
  • Graduation ceremonies
  • Band seating
  • Educational seminars & demonstrations
  • Concerts
Program Flexibility

With mobile bleachers you can disperse multiple units at individual sites, serving smaller events. And when periodically needed for larger events, round them up and concentrate them to provide a large number of spectator seats. You can partner with other complimentary community organizations to share spectator seating

Income Opportunities

In addition to providing your organization’s event seating needs, TranSport mobile bleaches can be readily available to provide event seating in your community, generating income through:
  • Rental
  • Event advertising & sponsorship
Once mobile grandstands arrive in a community, you can expect to receive phone calls inquiring about your bleacher's availability.

Exclusive TranSport Bleacher Features

Century’s TranSport mobile bleachers offer features not found on other mobile bleacher seating systems, including:
  • Sun and weather canopy options
  • 15 row seating
  • Elevated seating
  • Elevated seating
  • Reduced weight for easy towing and reduced site impact
  • Fully retracted hydraulic cylinders Patented during transport and storage

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Fairground Entertainment & Rodeos

Equestrian Events
Equestrian Events - PopUp Arena Photo

Sports Events
Sports Competitions - PopUp Arena Photo

Graduation Ceremony
Graduation Ceremonies

Educational Seminar Seating
Educational Seminars

Mobile Seating Solutions Through Innovation

Revenue Generator Produce Income - TranSport Mobile Bleachers may be rented to local and surrounding organizations and communities.