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Frequently Asked Questions
Q - How much assembly is required following delivery of the bleachers?   A - TranSport bleachers arrive fully assembled and fully operational, ready for immediate use.
Q - How are TranSport bleachers shipped?   A - Because of their size, Transport bleachers are towed to their destination.  They are too large to fit into or onto another trailer.
Q - What is the per-seat-price of TranSport bleachers?   A - A more relevant evaluation is the actual per-seat-price of your current bleachers, in place for an event, once you total all of the associated labor and transportation costs.
Q - Does Century rent bleachers?   A - Century manufactures and sells mobile bleachers and does not offer them for rental.

To rent TranSport Mobile Bleachers, go to our bleacher rental page to locate the closest company or organization
Q - Do you build folding indoor bleachers for gymnasiums?   A - Century specializes in outdoor, highway mobile bleachers.  We do know of TranSport Bleacher owners who use them in indoor settings.
Q - What other bleachers does Century sell?    A - Century specializes in mobile, highway-legal bleachers featuring fast, one-person set up.  Century does not offer "fixed" style bleachers.
Q - Can I pull these bleachers with my scooter or lawn tractor?   A - Not on the highway.  To move TranSport bleachers on public roads and highways, you will need an appropriately sized truck, rated for the towing weight of the bleacher.

If you plan to travel extended distances on Interstate Highways, you will want an appropriate tow vehicle.

In addition, you will need a tow vehicle mounted brake controller and a 12V receptacle for the signal lights, both of which are often included as standard equipment on modern trucks.  Contact your truck dealer for details.

Note - if you plan to tow the bleachers long distances, consider the fifth-wheel hitch option.
Q - Why should I consider purchasing TranSport mobile bleachers?   A - For what makes TranSport Mobile Bleachers your best value in mobile outdoor bleacher seating, click here.


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