TranSport Mobile Bleacher Features
10 Reasons Why TranSport Mobile Bleachers
Are Your Best Value
10) Reduced Weight – an active weight reduction engineering effort has successfully trimmed total weights for all TranSport mobile bleacher models. The result is reduced site impact plus the ability to tow the bleachers with smaller, lighter tow vehicles that consume less fuel.

9) Rounded Aluminum Guardrails – side and rear guardrails are rounded, welded aluminum construction providing increased spectator comfort, increased corrosion resistance, and reduced towing weight. Guardrails are securely attached to the main support structure, causing the rails to automatically unfold and fold with the bleacher, with no additional effort on the part of the operator.

8) Self Stowing Folding – In addition to guardrails that move with the seat support frame, TranSport bleachers are self-stowing for transport. There are no towing supports to remember to insert to prevent damage during towing, nothing to remove from the seating area during setup. An over-center geometry makes them stable both fully open and when closed for transport.

7) Consistent Seat Slope – for safety, code requirements call for a constant slope on steps so that one does not encounter an unanticipated stride differential which could cause tripping. TranSport Mobile Bleachers feature a unique folding geometry that provides a safe, constant stair step even at the hinge line, while also providing non-intrusive concealed hinge points.

6) Optimum Hydraulic Cylinder Placement Patented – the location of the hydraulic actuation cylinders has been carefully selected on TranSport bleachers to achieve two goals. First – the cylinders are located to avoid penetration of the bleacher frame, thus not weaken the structure and forcing the use of larger, heavier than necessary beams. Second – when folded for transport or storage, the cylinders are fully retracted, protecting the pistons from potential damage and corrosion. 

5) Narrower Folded Width – the geometry of TranSport mobile bleachers allows them to fold to a narrower towing width than competing designs. This adds considerably to maneuverability and positioning in confined areas.
  4) Multiple Pivoting Jacks – standard on TranSport mobile bleachers are multiple pivoting leveling/support jacks. Small detail? Not at all. Instead of providing the minimum number of leveling jacks required to get the job done, TranSport mobile bleachers are equipped standard with multiple frame-mounted jacks, permitting use of bleachers on soft surfaces. And they pivot out of harm’s way for transport, providing maximum ground clearance when climbing curbs or uneven terrain. No need to ever replace damaged jacks that have snagged an unyielding fixed object.

3) IBC 2009 Code Compliant – TranSport bleachers are equipped as standard to meet the most current and common code requirements. And don’t take just our word for it since TranSport bleachers are subjected to independent, outside engineering analysis, review and certification to verify that they are not only up to the job, but also in compliance.  Note - if IBC2009 provisions are not required in your area, they can be deleted.

2) More Choices and Options – to accommodate a variety of events and applications, TranSport mobile bleachers are available in a wider selection of sizes and seating capacities, and with more optional features from which to choose, allowing you to select the optimum package for your operation, and in turn, the best service for your patrons and customers.

1) Built by Mobile Specialists – TranSport Mobile Bleachers are designed and built by people with decades of experience exclusively with mobile outdoor event and recreation facilities. We listen to, and work with our customers to offer the best available solutions for real world applications, providing the optimum design built with the best materials and components for the job.

As with most things, a little more time spent investigating and selecting the superior product returns substantial savings in subsequent years, making TranSport bleachers your best value. Just ask people who own and operate Century TranSport mobile bleachers. Remember - No one in the purchasing department will ever have to operate or maintain your purchase. It is to your benefit to choose carefully.


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