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Outdoor Portable Ticket Booths
Portable Outdoor Ticket Booths - offer ticket sales flexibility throughout your facility, effectively addressing special events and seasonal traffic pattern changes.  These rugged booths provide secure ticket sales from an all-weather, welded aluminum structure.

Century portable ticket booths are currently providing ticket sales for school and university athletics, fairs, traveling exhibits, circuses, coliseums, race tracks, park & recreation departments, zoos and other venues requiring placement flexibility.

Century Portable Ticket Booths provide:
  • All-weather security
  • Rugged welded-aluminum construction
  • Painted high-gloss white
  • Safety-glass sales windows
  • Easy relocation
  • Choice of sizes & configurations
  • Optional features and systems
  Century's standard portable ticket booths are equipped with integral forklift channels, permitting easy relocation around your facility or grounds by forklift.  Optional castor and wheel packages are also available, allowing the booths to be pushed or towed.

Since Century's portable ticket booths serve a variety of applications, they are available in a choice of sizes and configurations, along with a choice of optional features and equipment, allowing you to assemble a ticket booth that serves your individual application.

Portable Ticket Booths
More economical, more durable, more flexible, and more expeditious than typical site-built ticket booths. there is a Century Portable Ticket Booth that will fill your outdoor ticketing needs.  Contact us for more details.