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Century Outdoor Portable Ticket Booths
Sizes & Configurations
Century's portable ticket booths are available in a choice of sizes and capacities allowing you to select the booth that best fits your application.  Once the booth size has been selected, choose from the options list the features and equipment that provide the operation functions that you require.

  Model Sales
L x W
Institutional Price  

Ticket Booth TB405

TB405 1 Person 48" x 60" $6,085  

Ticket Booth TB805

TB805 2 People 90" x 60" $7,638  
Ticket Booth TB1105 TB1105 3 People 135" x 60" $10,884  
Mobile Tichet Booth TB805T TB805T
2 People 90" x 60"

Note - Because of the custom nature of even the standard ticket booth sizes and configurations, Century does not stock ticket booths.  Typical construction time is 60 to 90 days after an order for a ticket booth is placed.

Special order custom portable ticket booths to meet special requirements are available.  Contact us for details on other sizes and configurations.  The following special ticket booths offer some custom configuration ideas and possibilities.

  TB805-B2B 5 Person Ticket Booth Custom Ticket Booth   
TB805-B2B Five-Person Booth Custom Designs