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Optional Features & Accessories
Since not all events or operational requirements are the same, a selection of options are available to outfit base portable ticket booths to support individual facility needs.  Below, you will find a list and descriptions of some of the more popular and frequently selected optional features.

Portable Ticket Booth Options

Once you have selected the size ticket booth that fits your operation, choose the optional features and accessories to optimize the booth to serve your individual requirements.

Portable Ticket Booth Optional Features 

Cash Drawer & Cover Cash Drawer - key locking counter mounted cash drawer with removable (5) bill and (5) coin insert, and opening bell. $340 
Pass-Through Cover - stainless steel removable window opening cover secures transaction pass-through, key locking. $129 
Electric System 120VAC Electric System - provides electric power system to operate ticket booth mounted equipment.  Designed to plug into 120V receptacle, package includes receptacles mounted under sales counter, fluorescent ceiling light, wall switch, and power cord.

Note - higher capacity electric packages are available on request.
LED Ceiling Light Upgrade  LED Interior Lighting Upgrade - replace standard interior ceiling mounted fluorescent lights with LED fixtures.

LED lights offer longer life, increased durability, reduced maintenance and lower power consumption.

Exchange for standard
Stow-away Seat

Stow-away Seat
Stow-Away Sales Chair -  offers easily repositioned seating for sales personnel.  Chair assembly attaches to the ticket booth end-wall in TB805 two-person ticket booths, and allows sales personnel to easily pivot into position at sales station.

Molded weather-resistant chair is equipped with a spring-loaded folding seat bottom that raises to vertical position when not in use

When not in use, chair pivots to stow out of the way in the rear corner of the ticket booth.

Molded chair is available in blue and red.
Roof Air Conditioner Heating & Cooling - roof mounted heating and cooling units help provide a more comfortable booth working environment. 
Cooling - Low - profile 11,000 BTU air conditioner  $1,451 
Cooling & Heating - Low profile air conditioner with heat for colder climates  $1,774 
Sales Window Awning Window Awning - Double-wall aluminum awning mounted on ticket sales window offers sun and weather for both patrons and employees when open, and window protection plus additional security when closed.  Gas struts support the awning in the open position, while providing lifting assistance during the opening process.  Quote
Exterior Sales Counter - Folding stainless steel sales counter offers customers a place to set personal items. Quote
Roll Up Aluminum Shutter  Roll-Up Shutter - aluminum slat shutter rolls into overhead storage compartment.  Shutter offers window protection and additional security when closed. Quote
Castor Package Castor Mobility Package - four heavy-duty 8" diameter castors allow the ticket booth to be easily moved around your facility on hard-surfaced areas.  Castor set included (2) fixed and (2) full-swivel castors for maneuverability. $670
Leveling/Support Jacks - corner mounted heavy-duty crank leveling jacks, set of (2) with crank handle $335
Portable Ticket Booth Graphics & Signage Lighted Sign Panel - polycarbonate sign panel over ticket window with fluorescent backlighting (TB805) $817
Custom Paint & Graphics - individualize your booths with custom promotional graphics and paint, ranging from a logo to full-wrap designs. Quote
Chaser Light Package - single row chaser lights mounted at top booth perimeter, with four-point controller (TB805) $1,100
Powered Speaker Powered Communication Port - electrically amplified speaker and microphone for improved communications with customers. Quote
Alternate Ticket Booth Sales Window Alternate Sales Windows - for applications where a window configuration other than the standard pass through opening is needed.  Custom configurations are available. Quote
Ticket Booth Bally Skirt Bally Skirt - washable heavy-duty vinyl skirt encloses the lower ticket booth perimeter and tires of the mobile ticket booth for a more attractive appearance, removes and rolls for storage during transport (for TB805T Mobile Booth). $416