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Since no two communities are the same, with each community having different requirements, expectations and budgets, a "one size fits all" mobile stage simply does not work.

Choice of Mobile Stage Sizes

For this reason, Century offers a choice of mobile stage sizes, allowing you to select the stage size that fulfills your individual requirements.

With the availability of 4x8 stage extension sections, why is this an issue?  There are two primary reasons:

First - Set up of the base stage is a one-person, push-button operation.  However, once you begin adding stage extension sections it becomes a two or three person job.  And each section must be individually installed and leveling, adding far more set up time than it took for the main stage.

Second - The base ShowMaster stage is designed so that the stage canopy extends beyond the front and side edges of the stage deck, providing protection from sun and precipitation for your performers.  Extension sections added to the main deck extend beyond the protection provided by the canopy.  So while it is possible to add enough extension sections to a 28 foot stage to make a 36 foot or larger stage, it will require significantly more time and labor, and you will have lost canopy protection for much of the stage deck area.
Century offers a choice of ShowMaster Enclosed Sound Shell stage models, ranging in stage deck size from 24 to 36 feet, allowing you to select the ideal stage, sized and equipped to meet your regular requirements.

Larger communities with active community recreation programs, will frequently own multiple mobile stages of different sizes to accommodate different event requirements.

Choose from:
Century also offers an extensive collection of optional features and equipment allowing custom configuring to individual community event requirements.  Many of these options are exclusive to ShowMaster Mobile stages.

All ShowMaster Sound Shell stages are backed by Century's decades of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile outdoor staging.

ShowMaster mobile stages are outdoor stages built by a company specializing in mobile outdoor special events.

Revenue Generator Produce Income - Mobile Stages may be rented to local and surrounding organizations and communities.