Century ShowMaster Community Stage Options
12kW Diesel Generator
Enclosed 12,000 Watt Generator Package – diesel fueled generator is fully enclosed in a locking frame-mounted exterior aluminum compartment with sound proofing for extra quiet operation.

120V/240V 100/50 Amp 60Hz, air cooled diesel generator is frame mounted in built-in locker box compartment. Meets National Park Service Sound Level Requirements (60 dB(A) at 50 ft).

Built-in generator travels with the stage, always on board when needed, and does not need to be lifted on and off stage deck.  Generator is built into a frame mounted locking compartment for security, and to prevent unauthorized tampering.

Includes hour meter, electric start, and fuel tank.  Note - available on ShowMaster MSM3200 & MSM3600 model stages only.
Built-in 12kW Diesel Generator 
51006 $14,197  


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