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ShowMaster Sound Shell Mobile Stages

Once you have selected the stage size that is best suited to your events, the next step is the selection of optional features and equipment which will allow custom tailoring of the ShowMaster stage to best address your community's unique event requirements.

Optional features such as sound, lighting, and electrical packages expand the capabilities of the stage, allowing you to serve a wider variety of outdoor events.

Performance and accessory options simplify and expedite the set up process, enhance durability and weather resistance, and offer additional functionality. 

Graphics options make use of the stage's large, smooth, interior and exterior stage wall panels, to promote your community and your program, or to supplement your operation through sponsorship.

Careful option selection will allow you to assemble a stage package that will provide your community with a multi-purpose, high-visibility facility that is integral to your outdoor program.
  ShowMaster mobile stage options are grouped by category and function, for easy evaluation.

Choose from: For additional details on options or to discuss which features and options are most suited to your community's needs, contact us.

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