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ShowMaster Features - Continued
Highest wind load rating  - ShowMaster stages offer the highest independently certified wind load rating for enclosed sound shell mobile stages.    
Optional Equipment - ShowMaster stages offer the widest selection of optional features and equipment, many not available elsewhere, allowing you to assemble a mobile stage package geared for your communities events.    
Mobile Stage Experience - ShowMaster Sound Shell stages are outdoor stages built by a company that specializes in mobile outdoor special events facilities.  Century understands the unique requirements for outdoor, mobile, remote site events.    

Simple One-Person Push-Button Stage Set Up

Century ShowMaster Sound Shell Stages are equipped with a built-in hydraulic actuation system powered by an on-board 24 VDC electric system.

Once positioned and leveled, stage set up is a fast, easy, one-person, push-button operation, as the work of opening the stage canopy and lowering the folding stage deck is accomplished by the hydraulic system.

Step 1 - Open and secure the adjustable end acoustic panels.

Step 2 - Unlock the stage canopy

Step 3 - Raise the canopy to full extension

Step 4 - Lower the stage deck

Step 5 - Level the stage deck

Step 6 - Attach stairs, deck extension sections (as required), perimeter stage skirt.

Step 7 - Enjoy the show
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