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Corner Leveling Jacks - the leveling/support jack located at each corner of the ShowMaster stage main frame pivots 90 degrees.

When pivoted to horizontal for transport, this provides maximum ground clearance, eliminating towing damage.  This is especially appreciated when towing over curbs or unimproved park grounds.

When pivoted to vertical for stage set up, the jack foot is initially positioned closer to the ground, eliminating extensive cranking to reach ground level, while also providing additional jack travel for leveling on sloped terrain by providing more jack adjustment travel.

By pivoting the corner leveling jacks the ShowMaster stage provides can better handle irregular ground during set up, while also eliminating the possibility of snagging a jack on a curb or sidewalk during towing.

Note that the jacks are mounted on the exterior of the stage frame instead of interior as found on other stages.  This geometry offers a wider stance for increased stability, contributing to the ShowMaster's greater wind load capacity.
Corner Leveling Jack - Horizontal

Corner Leveling Jack - Vertical
Intermediate Frame Jacks - since ShowMaster stages are frequently operated on soft ground surfaces, mounted approximately mid-frame on both sides are intermediate support jacks that help distribute stage loads over additional area, providing extra support and stability while reducing the impact on the environment.

The intermediate support jacks help to retain the ShowMaster's stable, solid, no-bounce stage feel , even when set up on other than hard surface areas.  These supports contribute to the ShowMaster's greater wind capacity when operated on soft surfaces.
  Intermediate Frame Jack
FRP Exterior Walls - the exterior wall, canopy, and roof panels of the ShowMaster stage are FRP (fiberglass reinforce plywood).  What you see is a uniform, smooth surface that is visually attractive and perfect for large promotional graphics.  What you get is a rugged, high-strength, all-weather panel, that is ideal for outdoor staging.

FRP panels are highly resistant to damage.  With conventional construction, if you were to brush against a tree limb while towing through a park, you are likely to cause a crease or tear in the exterior skin.  With the ShowMaster's FRP surfaces, you may have some bark to clean off.

Know what you are getting - some manufacturers use the FRP designation to refer to fiberglass reinforced plastic panels.  These panels have no where near the same strength or impact resistance.  Investigate before you buy.
Smooth Exterior Panels

Sound Reflective Wall Panels
Neutral Gray Interior
Speaker Cabinet Construction - the composite wall and roof panel construction of the ShowMaster stage produces an active sound shell that reflects sounds generated on the stage deck toward the audience without distortion.  Adjustable canopy and optional end acoustic panels allow directional control of this reflected sound.

Small events with only moderate sound amplification can be heard and enjoyed by the audience.
Neutral Gray Color - the interior of the ShowMaster stage is a neutral gray, enhancing skin tones while eliminating the harsh reflected glare typical of white interior wall panels.  
Steel Channel Main Frame - dual steel channels form the base for the ShowMaster main frame.  What you experience is a solid, stable, no-bounce stage     
Rugged Equalizer Suspension - ShowMaster stages are equipped with leaf spring equalizer suspensions.  Century specializes in mobile units, and has decades of experience with a variety of suspension systems.  For this particular application, Century has selected an equalizing leaf spring as the best suspension for the following reasons:

Frequently mobile stages are towed over curbs and off road.  A weight distributing suspension with equalizer spreads the stage weight among the axles and tires, and does not overload any single component.

While a rubber-ride suspension (Torflex) offers independent axle action, it does not equalize the towing loads.  When climbing a curb, the weight of the stage is placed entirely on the elevated wheels and axle.  Often there will be daylight under the other set of tires.  In the case of a tandem axle trailer, the weight on the loaded axle and tires has been doubled.  Also, if the stage is not level (towing hitch too high or too low) a disproportionate amount of the trailer weight will be placed on either the front or rear axle and tires, resulting in overloading and an unsafe towing condition.

Leaf spring suspensions are straight forward, rugged, low-maintenance assemblies, capable of withstanding both highway and off-road towing conditions, providing years of dependable low-maintenance service.
  Equalizer Suspension

Equalizer Suspensin & Curb
Tires - ShowMaster stages are equipped with highway rated tires, with electric brakes on all wheels.    
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