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ShowMaster Enclosed Sound Shell Community Stages
Mobile Stage Features

Century's ShowMaster Sound Shell Stages offer professional, outdoor staging, with weather protection for your performers, a visually attractive , sound projecting backdrop for your audience, quick, effortless set-up for your staff, and security for your equipment - versatility, flexibility, control and security for your remote site events.
Canopy - the ShowMaster's one-piece canopy offers protection from sun and precipitation when opened.  It may be positioned past horizontal for maximum height and visibility.

Unique to the ShowMaster stage is a canopy that projects beyond the front edge and sides of the stage deck, providing full protection for the performers.

The ShowMaster's canopy may be closed and secured with the stage deck remaining in the open position, allowing the stage and its contents to be secured without first requiring removal of stairs, extension section, stage skirt, or other equipment. 
Canopy Safety Locks - in addition to the system's inline integral hydraulic locks, ShowMaster stages are equipped with back-up mechanical canopy lock which secure the canopy in the open position. Once open, the canopy can not be closed until the mechanical locks are manually placed in the "unlocked" position.

This serves a dual purpose.  If the hydraulic lines were to be cut or damaged, allowing the hydraulic fluid to drain from the system, the canopy would remain in place.  Second, it prevents unauthorized operation of the stage.  Together these two operational features offer safety and peace of mind not found in other mobile stages.
Locking mechanical & electrical compartments - two (2) curb-side frame-mounted aluminum compartments house the stage's mechanical and electrical components, providing easy, convenient access for service, plus security.

With the mechanical items installed in a single location, there is no need to search through the stage looking a component.  The large compartment door offers easy access for service.

The key locking compartment door discourages unauthorized tampering or theft.
  ShowMaster Mechanical Compartment
Canopy Lighting - LED canopy mounted lighting is included with all ShowMaster stages.  LED fixtures are mounted along the inside leading edge of the canopy and along the canopy hinge line.  This arrangement provides illumination of the entire stage deck while shielding the lights from shining in audience eyes.

When desired, optional supplemental theatrical lighting is also available.  But since not all of your events call for fancy, sophisticated lighting, it is nice to know that where ever you take the ShowMaster stage, you already have basic, durable, easy to operate, built in lighting ready to operate from 120VAC power.
Stage Deck - ShowMaster stages feature a folding stage deck that is the same length as the fixed deck.  For example, for the MSM2800 ShowMaster Stage both the front folding deck, and the rear fixed deck are 28 feet long.  No additional sections need to be positioned and leveled to produce the full rated stage length.

For the operator this means faster set up, while eliminating extra seams at the two front stage deck corners.

The ShowMaster stage deck is dampened, composite, all-weather construction, with a slip resistant surface pattern.  It features a neutral gray surface color for a significantly lower summer surface temperature compared to typical black stage decks.  A welcome and much appreciated feature for dance or tumbling types of performances.
Deck Support Truss (optional) - replaces the standard multiple leveling/support legs with a full-length support truss featuring two-point leveling.  As the deck lowers, control arms automatically extend the support truss, keeping it perpendicular to the ground.

In addition to significantly expediting the leveling process by eliminating multiple leveling points, the support truss holds the deck flat, totally eliminating any waviness from the deck surface.
  Deck Support Truss
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