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Century Outdoor Mobile Stages
ShowMaster Enclosed Sound Shell Community Stages

ShowMaster Mobile Stages

Provide outdoor elevated staging throughout your community with a mobile Century stage.  Instead of building and maintaining permanent stages at each event site, Century's highway mobile stages offer the flexibility of providing an attractive, professional outdoor stage where ever needed throughout your community.

Mobile Staging with Versatility and Flexibility

A stage for all of your communitie's events, the enclosed ShowMaster mobile stage is multi-talented, accommodate events ranging from simple dedications to elaborate concerts, providing professional staging with control of wind, weather, lighting, sound, and visual aspects, plus offering enclosed security during off hours.

ShowMaster Mobile Stages Feature:

  • Sound & Light Control
  • Attractive Professional Outdoor Staging
  • Sun & Precipitation Weather Protection
  • Security During Off-Hours
  • Fast One-Person Set Up
  • Remote-site Operation
  • Weather Resistant Construction
  • Mobile Billboard Promotion

ShowMaster Stages Are Multi-Talented

 ShowMaster Mobile Stage
More than just a choral backdrop, ShowMaster sound shell mobile stages offer temporary staging for the whole community, providing covered elevated staging for events such as summer concerts in the park, dedications, graduations, parades, change of command, or outdoor recreation programs, and all with minimum of time and manpower.

Outdoor Mobile Staging

ShowMaster mobile stages feature weather-resistant outdoor construction, and push-button hydraulic action for fast, easy set up.  Provide attractive professional staging in a fraction of the time, man-power, and cost of traditional assembled portable stages.

Mobile Stage Security

ShowMaster stages offer security for your equipment and props during multi-day events as the stage canopy can be lowered and secured even with the stage deck extended.  Century mobile stages eliminate potential damage and vandalism, as they are easily stored in a secure area during times when not in use.
Mobile Stage Towing
Fast, hydraulically powered stage set up, allows quick response to staging requests, plus quick move-in and move-out capability, minimizing both labor and exposure.

Mobile Stage Models

Because no two communities are alike, Century offers a choice of ShowMaster Enclosed Sound Shell stage models, allowing you to select the ideal stage, sized and equipped to meet your requirements.  Choose from:

Mobile Stage Dependability

All are backed by Century's decades of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile outdoor staging, built by a company that specializes in mobile outdoor special event support facilities.

Revenue Generator Produce Income - Mobile Stages may be rented to local and surrounding organizations and communities.

Century Mobile . . . making the most of your resources.