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Frequently Asked Questions
Q - Does Century rent staging?   A - Century manufactures and sells mobile stages and does not offer them for rental.
Q - Does Century know of anyone in my area that does rent outdoor event staging?   A - Call us, and we will try to find an owner located in your area that will rent their stage whenever they are not using it for their own events.
Q - How long does it typically take from the time an order is placed until delivery?   A - Typical production time for mobile stages is 90 to 120 days depending on the stage size, complexity, and the time of the year.  Because the stages are tailored to the needs of the community that they serve, it is not possible to stock them.
Q - Do you sell indoor staging and risers?   A - Century specializes in outdoor, highway mobile staging.  These stages are built to withstand year round exposure to the elements.

We do however, have stage owners that move them into a large building or hanger for indoor events, as they significantly simplify set up.
Q - Can I pull these stages with my KIA, Ford Ranger or Chevy S10 pick up?   A - Only if you really beef it up, and not on the highway.  To pull a mobile stage on public roads and highways, you will need an appropriately sized truck, rated for the towing weight of the stage.

If you plan to travel extended distances on Interstate Highways, you will want an appropriate tow vehicle for the job.

In addition, you will need a tow vehicle mounted brake controller and a 12V receptacle.


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