Mobile Platform Stage Options
Century Mobile Platform Stage
Performance Options
Anti-Corrosion Packages
MPP2416 - 10216
MPP2424 - 10224
MPP2432 - 10230
MPP2440 - 10240
upgraded corrosion resistance package for reduced maintenance and increased life span.

Includes hot-dip galvanizing for steel frame components, anodized perimeter aluminum stage rail, galvanized deck hinges, stainless steel screws and pump compartment and control panel hinges.
Anti-Corrosion Package 
Hydraulic Hitch Jack
installed in the stage back-wall, door offers access to back of stage area, or provides opening for installation of handicap lift.  Door is commercial, double-wall, welded aluminum construction with keyed lock.  Hydraulic Tongue Jack Option
Hydraulic Upgrade
Leveling/Support Jacks
upgrades standard manual crank corner leveling jacks to push-button hydraulically operated jacks for fast, accurate, effortless stage set up and leveling. Hydraulic Leveling Jacks
Extended Deck Height
upgrade standard manual-crank hitch jack to push-button, hydraulically operated jack.  Expedites disconnecting stage from tow vehicle, and assists with initial stage leveling.  
Two-Way Powered Deck
Replaces standard bleed-down folding deck cylinders with down-powered folding deck cylinders. Two-Way Powered Deck


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