Mobile Platform Stage Options
Century Mobile Platform Stage
Flush Deck-Mounted
deck mounted tie-downs secure equipment during stage transport.  Tie-down loop is flush with stage floor with not in use.  Tie-down is secured to stage structure. Deck Tie-Down
48" Decorative Stage Skirt
MPP2416 56064
MPP2424 56061
MPP2432 56062
MPP2440 56063

60" Decorative Stage Skirt
MPP2424 56071
MPP2432 56072
MPP2440 56073
enhance the visual appearance of the lower stage area.  Washable and weather resistant 100% synthetic. Choice of 48" or 60" high skirt attaches to perimeter of stage deck shielding the underside of the stage from audience view.

Bottom of skirt is weighted to resist wind. 
Perimeter Skirt 
Choice of available colors
Stage Extension Sections
increase the size of the stage deck area with 4x8 portable stage sections that attach to the main stage deck and to each other.  Outdoor, weather-resistant sections clamp together for maximum configuration flexibility. Stage Deck Extension Sections 
60" Equipment Storage
transport equipment and accessories in locking, frame mounted aluminum storage compartment.  Rugged welded aluminum construction offers security and weather protection. Equipment Storage Compartment
Handicap Access Lift
mounts to center section of platform and provides wheelchair access to the platform deck. Lift is hydraulically operated and controlled by a remote pendant. Lift platform is 45” L X 30” W with a non-skid surface. Lift capacity is 750lbs. Handicap Access Lift 
15' Tall Backdrop
24'  90401
32'  90402
40'  90403
panel backdrop provides uniform background surface for performers and a uniform lighting surface.

Backdrop is removable in sections for transport and storage.
15ft Tall Stage Backdrop
4'  10201-4
8'  10201-8
aluminum guardrail attaches to outside perimeter of stage deck or extension section.

Top rail 42" above stage deck


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