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Century FrontRow 6000 Series
Optional Features & Equipment

Optional stage features, systems, and equipment are available to custom tailor your FrontRow Concert Mobile Stage for added capacity or capability to meet your event requirements and enhance stage operation.  Choose from the following:    
Folding Monitor Mix
Deck Sections
  folding monitor mix platforms mounted at each end of the main stage deck.  Securely attached to the stage, decks are hinged for fast easy set up, expediting the set up process.

  Folding Monitor Mix Deck
Stage Deck
Support/Leveling Trusses
  aluminum stage deck support/leveling trusses replace the standard multiple swing-out deck support legs, significantly expediting stage set up in two ways.  First, by reducing the the time required to adjust multiple leveling legs to accommodate to uneven and non-level terrain.  Second, by automatically producing a straight stage deck, eliminating the wavy deck that can be induced by improper deck support leg adjustment.

Deck leveling trusses are provided for both front and rear folding stage decks.

  Deck Leveling Truss
Stage Deck
Extension Sections
  4' x 8' outdoor stage extension sections permit expansion of the stage deck area and allow a variety of stage deck shapes to fit the event requirements.  Sections are available with a choice of leg lengths to accommodate different applications.

  Stage Extension Sections
Windwall   protect performers from inclement weather conditions with a heavy- duty fabric windwall.  Windwall encloses rear portion of stage on three sides.

Windwalls available with roll-up doorways.

Perimeter Deck Skirt   perimeter stage skirt encloses the underside of the stage presenting a more attractive view to the audience.

Choice of colors
Bottom weighted for wind
Weather resistance
Velcro attaches skirt to stage deck perimeter

  Stage Deck Skirt
Banners   large, all-weather, hanging event banners enhance performances.  Banners hang from speaker covers.

  Hanging Event Banners
Wireless Remote Controller   adds convenience and safety during stage set up and tear down by allowing optimum visual inspection of the operation.   Wireless Remote Controller
Hydraulic Leveling/Support Jacks   speed and simplify stage set up with hydraulically actuated frame-mounted leveling/support jacks.  Push-button extension and retraction of the jack legs expedites the leveling process while also making it effortless.   Hydraulic Leveling/Support Jacks
Built-in ADA Handicap Lift   be in compliance, conveniently provides remote site handicap access where ever the stage goes.  Eliminates the need for long, bulky ramps.  Ready for immediate use, no time-consuming set up required.

Built-in Generator   permanently mounted, quiet generator provides remote site electric power.