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Century FrontRow 6000 Series
Concert Mobile Stage Features

The Century FrontRow 6000 series of mobile stages provide attractive, professional staging for remote-site outdoor events and performances.  This unique design features fast, simplified set up, requiring a minimum of time and manpower, while providing a stage capable of accommodating larger performances.  Quick set up keeps site impact to a minimum.

"There is no other stage on the market that sets up as easy or utilizes the technology as Century's FrontRow Stage." Dave Girardi - American Mobile Staging Inc.

High capacity FrontRow stages present a clean, uncluttered appearance with unobstructed views of the stage area for both the audience and stage crew technicians.  A self-contained hydraulic actuation system with 24VDC power supply allows effortless push-button operation of the stage roof canopy and stage floor decks.  There is no gasoline engine to feed, maintain, or shout over during set up.

The FrontRow stage structure utilizes a combination of aluminum and stainless steel for high strength, maximum weather-resistance, and reduced towing weight.
  The FrontRow stage’s large roof canopy extends beyond the stage floor on all four sides for maximum performer protection.  Unique folding speaker covers offer weather protection for equipment.

When closed for travel, FrontRow stages offer generous interior storage space for supporting equipment.  The fully enclosed outer shell provides weather protection and security for all enclosed cargo.  Equipped with a heavy-duty tandem axle, dual-wheel suspension, the FrontRow stage is capable of off-road travel with minimal site impact.  A unique folding hitch that lowers from sight during performances is available with a choice of fifth-wheel or gooseneck couplers.

By adding an optional built-in handicap lift to the stage's standard enclosed ADA stairs, the FrontRow stage achieves unparalleled accessibility.

FrontRow 6000 series mobile concert stages combine capability and convenience with high strength, weather corrosion resistance, ease of operation, lighter towing weight, and reduced maintenance.
Stage Features
  • Choice of 32' to 40' Stage Floor Lengths
  • Stage floor heights adjust to 62"
  • Frame mounted leveling/support jacks
  • Telescoping roof with integral light supports
  • Offset support columns for improved sightlines
  • Roof overhangs stage floor on all sides
  • Constant-slope roof for increased clearance
  • Roof canopy easily lowered
  • Weather resistant aluminum and SS structure
  • Speaker cover at each end of stage
  • No view obstructing corner supports to install
  • Fifth-wheel hitch lowers from view
  • Interior cargo storage
  • Pass-through trailer frame storage
  • Electric vehicle - 24VDC self contained power
  • Floor hinge line filler panels not required
  • ADA aluminum stairs with handrails
  • Fast in and out with a minimum of crew
  FrontRow Stage Features
Trailer Features
  • Trailer width - 102"
  • Fully enclosed trailer
  • Hinged ends for cargo access
  • Fifth-wheel or gooseneck hitch
  • Heavy-duty tandem axle suspension
  • Dual wheels
  • LED DOT marker and signal lights

Optional Features
  • Stage floor leveling/support trusses
  • Folding monitor mix decks
  • Wireless remote control
  • Hydraulic leveling jacks
  • Extension stage decks
  • Built-in handicap access lift
  • Built-in generator
  • Enclosed frame mounted storage
  • Windwall enclosure
  • Perimeter deck skirt
  • Hanging event banners
  FrontRow Trailer Features

Wireless Remote Controller

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