FR4300 Mobile Bandstand Stages


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Century FrontRow 4300 Series
Bandstand Mobile Stages

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Big Stage Performance and Features
In A Compact Package

Attractive Professional Stage
Superior Sound Control
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Dynamic Equipment Lifting
Highly Maneuverable Towing
Nimble Compact Design

Presence and Capacity - Century's 4300 series of FrontRow Mobile Stages provide attractive outdoor professional staging with full featured capability for your smaller community events.  Specifically designed for events requiring a compact covered and elevated stage deck, outdoor durability, and the ability to slip into smaller sites. FrontRow 4300 bandstand mobile stages features fast effortless setup with a hydraulically operated roof canopy and stage deck.  Stages are designed to accommodate commercial lighting and sound systems and display promotional event and sponsor banners and signage.

FrontRow 4300 mobile stages are built to provide an attractive performance venue with covered protection for performers and equipment.

The compact trailer sizes and lighter towing weights of  FrontRow 4300 mobile stages facilitate use in confined and non-traditional sites.  A choice of sizes allows you to select the most appropriate model for your most frequent events.

FrontRow 4300 Outdoor Concert Stages provide:
  • Attractive professional staging
  • Protective roof canopy
  • Choice of Stage Deck Length - 20 or 24 ft
  • Stage Deck Depth - 16 ft
  • Rearward-sloping roof canopy
  • Fold away towing hitch
  • Fast, simple push-button set up
  • Rugged, reduced-weight, aluminum frame
  • Electric/hydraulic opening & closing
  • Provision for optional built-in generator and/or handicap lift
FR4300 Mobile Bandstand Stage

Reduced towing weight and a compact size provide easy towing and positioning. Fast, push-button setup allows you to offer attractive outdoor staging at more events throughout your community.

Optional features adapt Century's FrontRow 4300 bandstand mobile stages to meet individual event requirements.

All are backed by Century's 30 + years of experience in the design and manufacture of mobile outdoor staging.