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Century FrontRow 4300 Series
Bandstand Mobile Stage Features

FR4300 Stage Features
Quick, Simple Stage Setup   FR4300 stages offer expedited set up.  These compact stages feature easy towing, and are highly maneuverable for use in limited-access sites.  Hinged roof and deck panels move quickly into position.  The canopy roof raises and tilts hydraulically.  
Choice of Stage Sizes   FR4300 model stages are available in two stage deck sizes, allowing selection of the most appropriate size for your events.  
Protective Roof Canopy   Full-coverage canopy extends beyond the stage deck on all four sides, providing maximum protection of performers and equipment.  When raised, the canopy is sloped reward, guiding precipitation to the back of the stage.  Water-tight canopy hinge lines prevent water from leaking onto stage deck.

The canopy's aluminum support structure includes 2" O.D. tube around the canopy perimeter and the center truss, providing broad lighting mounting locations.

In addition to lighting, the roof support structure is configured to accommodate windwalls and and other theatrical components attaching to the canopy perimeter.

The factory installed an-echoic acoustically-passive canopy covering reduces feedback and sound distortions when using amplified sound systems.

A built-in electric/hydraulic system offers push-button operation for raising the telescoping roof canopy.
Folding Stage Decks   Two strut-assisted hinged stage deck wings lower to produce a flat, 48" high, level performance stage.  A neutral gray deck coating that reduces deck temperatures is field renewable.  Deck is inherently sound dampened.  
Guardrails   Protective aluminum guardrails can be positioned around the deck perimeter.  Rails install by hand without tools.  
Stairs   Aluminum tread-plate stairs with enclosed risers and handrails attach to the stage deck perimeter.  Adjustable legs adapt stairs to ground level.  
Rugged Main Frame   Extensive use of aluminum in the stage frame and support members provides a rugged, corrosion resistant structure that produces a reduced towing weight and reduced site impact.  
Leveling/Support Jacks   Heavy-duty, frame-mounted, crank leveling/support jacks expedite accurate stage leveling.  
Deck Support Truss   Each stage deck wing is equipped with an automatically extending support truss with adjustable leveling/support legs to simplify stage setup.  
Enclosed Mechanical Compartment   A mainframe mounted, welded aluminum compartment houses stage systems and components.  
Breaker Panel   Electrical circuits are routed through a 220V, 125 amp capacity load center panel.  
LED Setup Lights   Built-in, canopy mounted 12VDC LED work lights facilitate loading or set up during night time hours.  
Heavy-Duty Suspension   A heavy-duty single axle suspension offers smooth towing with exceptional maneuverability.  Stage is equipped with electric brakes.  
Fold-Away Tongue   The unique fold-away, front-mounted towing tongue allows the stage to be positioned immediately adjacent to buildings and other obstacles.  When folded, tongue no longer presents a tripping or "shin buster" hazard. 

Tongue maybe concealed behind optional stage skirt.
Tongue Jack   Towing tongue is equipped with a heavy-duty crank operated jack.  
DOT Lights   Stage is equipped with LED stop, signal, and marker lights, reflectors, license light, and 12VDC connector cable.  
Codes   IBC  
Available Options   Numerous stage options adapt the stage to meet local event requirements.. Options include:
  • Built-in ADA Handicap Lift
  • Built-in generator
  • Banner signs
  • Windwall panels
  • Lighting and Sound systems
  • Stage extension sections