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Award Winning TrailersThe following food concession trailers present a sampling of the types and styles of food concession trailers designed and built by Century.  These are successful, award-winning operations, representing popular food items served by the best of the many operators serving fairs and festivals.

A variety of designs and food items are represented in this cross-section sampling to offer an idea of possibilities.

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Nut Rolls - delicious home made, with a choice of pecans, cashews, or peanuts, plus the option of chocolate dipped.  A perennial favorite on the fairgrounds.

  Nut Rolls
Fried Pickles - super visibility and high production and sales capacity combine with a great product to produce strong sales volume.

Designed and built to take The Perfect Pickle to the next level of success.

For more info go to: http://myfriedpickles.com/

  Fried Pickles
Poutine Concession Trailer - a high visibility graphics and sign package markets this unique product, newly introduced to US customers.

  Poutine Concession Trailer
German Roasted Almonds - the fragrance of fresh roasting almonds is the hook that makes this item so popular.

  German Roasted Almonds
Cheese Curd Concession Trailer - high volume production to keep up with demand for this popular midwest food item.

Unique full perimeter awnings provide weather protection for both customers and employees.
Loret Foods Overview
  Cheese Curd Concession Trailer
Corn Fritters & Fried Green Tomatoes - an unique combination with great presentation.

  Corn Fritters & Fried Green Tomatoes
Chocolate Chip Cookies - young or old, who doesn't love hot and fresh from the oven chocolate chip cookies?

Even more enticing is when you can watch them being made from scratch.  They look and smell so great that people order them by the cup or bucket full to eat and share as they stroll the fairgrounds.

  Fresh Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cinnamon Rolls - the fragrance of fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls plus watching the assembly and baking process makes them irresistible.

Sales are significantly enhanced by the retractable suspension which lowers the trailer to ground level for customer viewing of the assembly process, and display of fresh from the oven cinnamon rolls.

GR22 U2385
  Cinnamon Roll Trailer
Strawberry Smoothies - delicious and refreshing anytime of the day, especially when they are blended fresh, right in front of you, using natural ingredients.

GF12BB U1453
  Strawberry Smoothie
Cajun Dishes & Sandwiches - a taste of New Orleans offers something a bit different for fair and festival attendees.

Hot Wisconsin Cheese - originating in one of the top producing dairy states, the popularity of this specialty item has spread as far South as Florida.  Customers who have given it a try look forward to the start of the fair so they can get their annual cheese fix.

GR16BB - U1649
  Hot Wisconsin Cheese
Mini-Donut Factory - 30ft of mini-donut production and sales. A great product combined with a high-visibility production process, make this a long-time fair favorite.  Made fresh before your eyes, these warm bite-sized treats are impossible to resist.

GR30  U2661 
  Tom Thumb Mini-Donut Trailer
Campfire Desserts - an innovative menu showcased in a unique, eye-catching trailer makes it impossible for this trailer to be lost in a sea of vendors.  The design features a large, attention-grabbing toasted marshmallow sign.

Trailer features a menu that appeals to all ages.

GR30  U2913
  Campfire Desserts


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