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Award Winning TrailersThe following food concession trailers present a sampling of the types and styles of food concession trailers designed and built by Century.  These are successful, award-winning operations, representing popular food items served by the best of the many operators serving fairs and festivals.

A variety of designs and food items are represented in this cross-section sampling to offer an idea of possibilities.

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Show Popper - a popular and profitable combination of snack items, this trailer offers the items that first come to mind when you think of fairs.

  Show Popper Concession Trailer
Midway Show Piece - A 36ft long 5th-wheel popper center piece for Drew Exposition's midway, complimenting and supporting the show with traditional fair standards that satisfy fair goers of all ages.

For more info go to: http://www.drewexpo.com/

GR36W5  U2630
  Drew Popper Trailer
Tower Popper - One of the all-time most unique, spectacular, and successful food concession trailers, this double-decker popper stops traffic and makes sales.  Towering above its neighbors where ever it goes, it is instantly the center of attention, exceeding the conceptual goals of its owners.

  Tower Popper


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