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- Used Concession Trailer For Sale -
McLellan Shrimp Shack

The following used concession trailer is currently listed as available, offered by the owner, who has supplied the listed information and who retains possession of the trailer.  For additional details, contact the owner directly.

Trailer Year:  2007
Mfg:  Show Me
Specifications body width
body length
00 lbs
Features Interior refurbished in 2015
New counters
New cabinets
New floor sinks
Equipment (1) RB-369 Rankin Delux char broiler - new
(1) Pitco 45c fryer
(1) Built in full-size food warmer - Apw Wyott
(1) True/True Temp refrigerator model TS-23
(2) American hoods
The pop machine is property of Coca-Cola bottling

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Comments Trailer and equipment are in excellent condition.  
Trailer is used three months out of the year and kept in indoor storage.
Price $
Contact Fran McLellan

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