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Award Winning TrailersThe following food concession trailers present a sampling of the types and styles of food concession trailers designed and built by Century.  These are successful, award-winning operations, representing popular food items served by the best of the many operators serving fairs and festivals.

A variety of designs and food items are represented in this cross-section sampling to offer an idea of possibilities.

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Ice Cream
Sundae Factory - a spectacular, high-visibility trailer offering sundaes, cones, and floats with a choice of delicious bowls, cones, and toppings.

Everyone loves ice cream, and this high-powered, high-capacity, family operated trailer delivers.  The attractive exterior and superior product and service keep customers returning for more, helping to dispel the notional that all trailers are created equal.

GR20 U2598
  Sundae Factory
Ice Cream Cones, Floats, & Sundaes - an eye catching, high production ice cream trailer in an attractive, efficient package

GF16 U2168
  Ice Cream
Ultimate Sundaes - a high-visibility, line-up, soft-serve sundae trailer that efficiently utilizes the available space for maximum sales.  This trailer is a proven winner when pitted head to head against the competition.

GF14 U2702
  Ultimate Sundae Trailer


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