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Award Winning TrailersThe following food concession trailers present a sampling of the types and styles of food concession trailers designed and built by Century.  These are successful, award-winning operations, representing popular food items served by the best of the many operators serving fairs and festivals.

A variety of designs and food items are represented in this cross-section sampling to offer an idea of possibilities.

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Giant Corn Dog Factory - Elevating corn dogs to a whole new level, the Corn Dog Factory is a spectacular stand with high volume capability.  Designed and built with high visibility, customers can watch the entire cooking and production process before taking possession of their very own delicious corn dog.

GR20 U3012
  Corn Dog Factory
Uniquely American, hot dogs are enjoyed by all ages during all times of the day.  And they are never taste better than those consumed at outdoor events.

GF18 U1943
  Peters Hot Dogs
Foot Longs - an innovative twist on a popular all-American item.

  Footlong Hot Dogs
Doggie Diner - gourmet dogs offer upscale alternatives to the traditional hot dog.

  Big Dog Diner
Corn Dogs & Lemonade - both popular fair food items, they make a great combination

  Lemonade & Corn Dogs
Corn Dogs & Lemon Shake Ups - Proving that small and simple can be make effective trailers, this attractive 14ft long line-up trailer does a big business in corn dogs and lemon shakeups, with the flexibility to add other items as needed.

  Corn Dogs & Lemonade


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