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Mobile Concession & Mobile Kitchens
Food Concession Trailers & Mobile Kitchens - Offer quality food service at temporary remote sites away from the main kitchen.

Venues include sports complexes, zoos, tracks, military bases, or anywhere that it is desirable to maintain site flexibility. Mobile kitchens offer the economy of not having to build and maintain kitchen facilities at occasionally used sites.

It is all about convenience.  By making it easy for the customer, they will support your operation.

Century mobile kitchens offer:
  • Money-Making Opportunities - the ability to operate at the center of the activity, with less idle, down-time.
  • Quality Food Service - freshly prepared menu items, items that attract customers.
  • Volume Sales Potential - serve large numbers of customers in short periods of time.
  • Location Flexibility - relocation to the center of the action as required by traffic pattern or seasonal activity changes.
  • Security - move kitchen to a secure area during extended periods of inactivity, eliminating vandalism.
For those who operate traditional fixed stores, mobile kitchens offer the ability to provide identical fixed-store quality and freshness to customers.  Using identical ingredients and processes, there is no product quality loss due to extend holding or transport time from another location. 

Mobile kitchens offer excellent marketing avenues including testing new locations, sampling new products, and increasing visibility and public awareness.  Mobile kitchens are also ideal for planned or emergency kitchen repairs or renovations, as they permit business to continue uninterrupted, instead of disturbing customer routines and buying patterns.

From simple to sophisticated Century offers a selection of purpose-built mobile units offering professional food service.  Unique features make them easy to operate and simple to keep looking their absolute best.  Century builds commercial kitchens that happen to offer mobility, instead of trailers that happen to offer food service.

Custom designed for specific menus and applications, a Century Mobile Kitchen can help make your operation a success and a valuable member of your team.
  Mobile Snack & Concession Trailer

Commercial Kitchen Interior

Century's mobile kitchens are designed and built for the commercial operator.  Built into every kitchen you will find:
  • Commercial Kitchen Construction - welded aluminum body construction for rust-free, rot-free, fire resistant operation, plus easy towing.
  • Code Approval - stainless steel counters, NSF approved equipment, and a host of easy-clean features make it easy to obtain health, fire, and electrical department approval.
  • Custom Equipped - each kitchen is outfitted to meet the requirements of the individual operator, taking into consideration the menu, site configuration, and available utilities.
  • Professional Appearance - it is a proven fact that customers will purchase more from an attractive, well-run food operation.