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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Does Century rent food concession trailers? A - Century manufactures and sells custom food concession trailers and does not offer them for rental.

Century's food concession trailers are custom, highly individualized commercial facilities, making it difficult to offer a generic, one-size-fits-all concession trailer for rental.
Q - Does Century have a showroom where one can tour a variety of products, sizes and designs? A - Each Century concession trailer is custom designed and built to produce and sell the desired menu, with exterior signage and graphics custom created for a unique individual image.

Century has on hand whatever is under construction at the time, offering a chance to see how the trailers are built, and the unique features found on Century food concession trailers.
Q - Does Century sell used concession trailers? A - Not at this time.
Q Does Century manufacture or sell food carts for street corner operations? A - Not at this time.
Q - Does Century manufacture or sell concession trucks, or trucks commonly referred to as "roach coaches"? A - Not at this time.
Q - What is the price of a food concession trailer? A - For new trailers, the price typically ranges from $50,000 to $150,000.  It is no different than building a restaurant kitchen, with the total price dependent on how it is equipped, plus the signage selected to promote the business.

If this price range is currently beyond your budget, consider purchasing an existing trailer on the used market.  Find one that is close to what you have in mind, one that with only minor modification meets your needs .
Q - Do Century's trailers meet all health and fire codes? A - There is not a national heath or fire code.  These codes are written and enforced on a local basis.  In fact in some states, health and fire codes are enforced county by county.

Because of the materials and construction techniques used, and the use of commercial restaurant equipment, Century's food concession trailers comply with a majority of codes, only requiring small adjustments to meet unique localized requirements.

Century's trailers are constructed entirely of non-porous, non-flammable aluminum and stainless steel, making them essentially fire-proof and very easy to clean.  They will not rot or rust over time.
Q - What are this year's "hot" fair food items? A - If you are looking for large sales volumes and gross sales amounts, the traditional fair favorites continue to be the most popular sales leaders.

Generally, these "hot" food items include sausage sandwiches, corn dogs, elephant ears/fried dough funnel cakes, lemon shake up, pizza, fries, candy/caramel apples, cotton candy.

Note that there are regional preferences that also may be added to this list that are equally popular in regional localities.
Q - How much money can I make with a food trailer? There are too many variables in the equation for anyone to predict how you will perform financially.  But it is safe to say that if you make informed, intelligent decisions along the way, you can make a very comfortable living in this business.

Beware of anyone who promises that you will make (whatever)$s if you buy this or that from them.  As with any other business there are no guarantees.



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