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Starting the Design/Build Process
Starting the design of a new food concession trailer can at first be a little overwhelming.  Unless you are shopping for used concession trailers, the process is more like building a new restaurant than like buying a vehicle.  The difference with this restaurant is that it is on wheels, so in addition to health and fire codes, it must also comply with DOT highway requirements.

The easiest way to approach the design of a new concession trailer is to break the process into orderly blocks which can be addressed individually, with each step helping to shape the subsequent steps.
Menu The menu drives the design process.  One must know what items are to be offered in order to make informed decisions throughout the remainder of the process.
Base Equipment Package From the menu, the equipment needed to store, prepare, and display for sale can be determined and selected.
Utilities Depending upon the equipment package, typically either electric, or combination of electric and LP gas systems must be included, plus provision for fresh and waste water.  Maximum capacities for each of the utility items must be determined.
Body Configuration Based upon your process, presentation, and your events, does a line-up or center layout best sell your products?  Additionally are there factors which dictate towing hitch placement?
Support Equipment Package This area of consideration includes the equipment and systems needed to optimize the operation and help you work efficiently.  This includes items such as water filters, automatic fire suppression systems, air screens, sound systems, powered leveling jacks, air conditioning, etc. 
Marquee & Signage Now that we generally know where the key elements will be located, we can proceed to choosing signage that is appropriate for your events, products, and budget.  Marquee and awning signs are available in a choice of shapes, sizes, and configurations, permitting you to choose the features best suited to your operation and image.
Graphics The really fun part!  It's what your customers see first, what they think you sell, and how they will remember you for future visits and events. 
Summary From your menu, the primary equipment list is determined.  The equipment package then dictates the body size required to accommodate it all.  Next you establish what utilities will be required to make it all work, and add in the support equipment and features desired.  This allows the development of a preliminary configuration concept for equipment positioning and product flow.

Assemble an outline which includes the following:
  • Menu
  • Holding, preparation, and display equipment
  • Required utilities
  • Body configuration
  • Support equipment, systems, & features
  • Marquee and sign style
  • Color and graphic preferences
A rough sketch and outline will go a long way in determining the viability of the approach, plus an initial idea of how you expect it to look.

Armed with this information, one can move ahead, filling in the details, evaluating the options, and addressing any special requirements.
How Long
Does This Take?
The more complete your concept, the more thought you have given to what you really want, the better job we can do on the first draft, and the more quickly we will arrive at a finished design.

The time required for the design process can range from a couple of days to a month or more depending upon the complexity of the trailer and the number and scope of revisions.
Century's Role At Century, we are fully aware that there is no one way, no wrong or right way.  Instead, you have multiple possibilities, and it is necessary, for the success of the final design, to choose the optimum solution for your operation from the alternative approaches.

Given the number of concession trailers that Century has designed and built over decades of time, we are in a position to act in the roll of an experienced consultant as well as builder.  This process is a group effort accomplished as a team.

Your goal is our goal, and we work with you to achieve it.


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