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Portable Food Concession Kiosks
Food Concession Kiosks - For situations and applications where you desire professional, temporary, portable commercial food service facilities, but without highway mobility, Century's food concession kiosks fill the requirement.  Kiosk are ideal for operation on leased sites, as they may be moved as required, without major expense, or loss of the facility.

Designed for easy relocation by forklift or flatbed trailer or truck, these professionally constructed food service facilities will fit your requirements.  Whether to address changing event requirements or seasonal changes, the ability to reposition the kiosk increases the utility and the total sales capability. 

Century's kiosks are designed and built for the commercial operator.  Built into every kiosk you will find:
  • Commercial Kitchen Construction - welded aluminum body construction for rust-free, rot-free, fire resistant operation, plus easy repositioning.
  • Code Approval - stainless steel counters, NSF approved equipment, and a host of easy-clean features make it easy to obtain health, fire, and electrical department approval.
  • Custom Equipped - each kiosk is outfitted to meet the requirements of the individual operator, taking into consideration the menu, site configuration, and available utilities.
  • Professional Appearance - it is a proven fact that customers will purchase more from an attractive, well-run food operation.
  • Attractive Displays - large sales windows and low, easy-access serving counters help to promote sales.
From simple to sophisticated Century offers a selection of purpose-built food concession kiosks offering food service.  Exterior paint and graphics are custom designed to fully promote the operation and the products.  In addition, these all-weather facilities are equipped to provide off-hours security for equipment and contents.

At a fraction of the cost, complication, and time of building a permanent concession building, a Century food concession kiosk can be serving your customers.
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