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Food Concession Trailer Features

Designed and built with the professional operator in mind, Century concession trailers are built to attract customers, promote your products, expedite production, simplify cleaning, reduce maintenance and upkeep, offer easy towing and set up, and comply with health and fire code requirements.

Decades of designing and building mobile food concession units for one of the most demanding areas of food service has resulted in durable, dependable facilities loaded with refined features to make your job easier and more productive.

Body & Exterior

Welded aluminum
Concession Trailer Body Construction

The inherently lighter weight of marine-alloy aluminum produces a concession trailer body that is easier to tow, requires a smaller truck, while using less fuel.  Rounded body corners reduce wind resistance for additional fuel savings.

Marine -alloy aluminum offers superior corrosion resistance, remaining rust-free despite daily washing.

Welded construction produces a smooth body, free of rivets and screws, for a clean, uncluttered appearance that is also easy to wash.

With no wood in the body, there is nothing to rot over time, eventually requiring replacement.  Walk-on roof/ceiling structure is double-wall formed aluminum construction.  Floors are aluminum plate welded to a formed aluminum support structure. 
Goldrush Concession Trailer Exterior Features

Retractable Goldrush
Low Exterior Sales
Counter Height
Low exterior counter heights combine with large serving and display window panels to produce attractive, high visibility product displays for customers.

People buy what they can see, and Century optimizes these areas to help maximize sales.

Choice of
Concession Trailer Suspension Systems

Goldrush concession trailers are available with either a rubber-ride fixed height, or ultra-smooth fluid air-ride retractable suspension.

Both systems offer independent wheel action for smooth towing and off-road capability.
Towing Hitch
Reduce the overall concession trailer length and remove an obstacle.  Simple slide the towing tongue into the trailer.  No more heavy lifting, and no searching for a secure storage spot.
Utility Connection
A locking, central compartment is provided for electric and water connections.  In addition to the attractive, uncluttered  appearance and the elimination of a tripping hazard, once locked, there is no concern about unauthorized tampering.
Interior Features
Commercial Materials Century food trailers are fabricated from aluminum and stainless steel (no wood is used) providing a non-porous, non-flammable, easy to clean interior, that is easily maintained. Interior Concession Features

Trackless Rolling Window Panels

More Usable
Concession Trailer Interior Room

by combining a number of unique design features with a 102" wide body, Century trailers offer more usable interior space.

8 foot high ceilings offer generous headroom and overhead storage capacity, while contributing to a sense of spaciousness.
Trackless Rolling
Window Panels
Century pioneered the concept and use of rolling (sliding) serving window panels.  By eliminating the lower window track the entire counter becomes available for serving, substantially increasing usable interior serving space.  The need for exterior counters is eliminated, as there is no requirement to place an order beyond the track.  And, by eliminating the cup-tripping bottom window track, the tedious chore of digging debris out the track vanishes.
Flat Floor For
Increased Flexibility
Since Century Goldrush concession trailers were designed from the beginning for food service, they offer features not found on adapted trailer designs.  Among these is a flat floor that is as low or lower than the drop-floors found on other trailers.

A flat floor offers increased design flexibility in the placement of equipment and people.  A flat floor makes entry and exit from the trailer significantly easier by eliminating the interior step-down.  And a flat floor expedites cleaning by eliminating the dirt and water trapping pool typically built into trailers.

Easy Concession Trailer Cleaning

The easier it is to clean a trailer, the better it will look for your customers.  Century trailers offer a number of easy-clean features to help you to look your best.
  • Smooth Non-porous Walls & Surfaces - the use of non-porous interior surfaces makes it easy to wash and wipe the interior.
  • Stainless Steel Serving/Prep Counters - long-life stainless steel counters will not chip, burn, or delaminate.  Simply wipe them off to keep them looking bright and shiny.
  • Trackless Cabinet Doors - using hinged metal doors for both the upper and lower cabinet eliminates the tracks required for sliding doors.  By eliminating areas where grease, flour, sugar, and spills can collect, you also eliminate the job of cleaning them.
  • Trackless Rolling Window Panels - top hung rolling window panels eliminate the lower guide track typically found at concession trailer sales windows.  Not only does this make it easier for your customers to collect their orders, but it eliminates the time spent cleaning accumulated dirt and spills from the track just to keep the window panels sliding.
  • Enclosed Fluorescent Lights - interior fluorescent lights are enclosed in lexan cover shields. This eliminates the chore of cleaning around each bulb.  Instead it is a fast, simple job of wiping off the protective cover.
Signage & Marquees

Choice of Concession Trailer Marquee &
Sign Packages

Exterior signs and graphics are the first things that your customers see.  They identify your company and your products.  They are your identity.

It is therefore essential that your concession trailer marquee is unique, distinctive, and effective.  Century offers a choice of marquee styles, allowing you to select the marquee and sign package most appropriate for your products and your events.

Marquees range from simple to elaborate, depending upon the requirements.
Custom Folding Cone

Custom Goldrush Trailer Marquees
Hidden Awning
Sign Hardware
Century's philosophy is to make a concession trailer look its absolute best when it is set up, not necessarily when it is traveling down the road.

With that concept as a guide, all of the folding awning hardware on a Century concession trailer is concealed, instead of exposed as on other trailers.  This approach present a clean, uncluttered, finished visual appearance.
Hidden Taillights
& License Plate
Why go to all of the trouble of making a concession trailer look as permanent as possible and then mount the taillights and license plate in full view, and right where they are susceptible to damage.

Whenever possible Century mounts taillights and license plate on the rear awning placing them out of sight when set up, and out of harm's way.
Sign Ballasts
When a fluorescent sign light goes out, there is nothing worse than trying to determine which ballast is the culprit, and its location.  Century centralizes the ballasts so that there is no need to crawl all over the trailer, and identifies the ballasts so that you know which one does what.  This may appear to be a small feature, until the time that you need it.