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Century Concession Trailers

Designed to help you build and expand your concession business to the next level with a distinctive marketing image, enhanced product display, and increased production.

Focus on the Goals - decades in the business of designing and building concession trailers provides an appreciation and understanding of the factors required for success.  Century's food concession trailers are purpose-built, specifically for food preparation, display, and sales.

"There are trailers that contain a business,
and trailers that define a business."

Food as entertainment - a primary lure of event foods is that the customer is able to watch the preparation process.  Whether rolling out cinnamon rolls, pouring funnel cakes, drawing an ice cream cone, or dipping corn dogs, showmanship helps to make the sale.  In addition to the fragrances generated, watching a choreographed preparation and cooking process makes a food item irresistible.

It is therefore important that a trailer be designed to showcase both the production and the product.

By designing a trailer that presents a unique appearance, maximizes the customer experience, and improves production efficiency, gross sales volumes grow.


What a Century Concession Trailer can do for you.

The primary hurdles to successful food sales at larger events:
  • Admission to the great fairs and events
  • Obtaining a prime location within an event
  • Attracting customers - standing out from the surrounding competition
  • Designing for volume production and sales
Century concession trailer's professional appearance and quality construction, backed by decades of design experience, can enhance your image with a trailer that is what event concession managers are looking for, and from which customers what to purchase.  At Century, we help to showcase your show.

Aren't all concession trailers pretty much the same?  Material selection, design, and assembly techniques make a big difference in ease of operation, maintenance, and trailer life span.  The cheapest to acquire is frequently not the best long-term value.

A Century food concession trailer can help take your business to the next level, assisting in getting into desired events, and getting good locations within those events.

Century food concession trailers showcase your products, enticing customers to notice and to purchase.


LED Concession Trailer Lighting Graphic

LED Lighting goes mainstream for food concession trailers.

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